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Helping your case, even before seeing an attorney:

  • Report your injury or the incident to a home owner, store owner, manager or other responsible party when it happens. 

  • Take pictures and take note of the scene of your accident or other injury.  Temperature, conditions, even smells and other small details are important to remember.  The information you collect at the scene of an incident is critical to your case.  Often times, after an accident, the scene of an incident changes.  Owners may rearrange, clean up, repair or even reconfigure the scene of an incident.  Your case will be critically impacted by the evidence you collect at the scene of the incident. 

  • Obtain the contact information for any witnesses at the scene of the incident.

  • Call the police when appropriate.  Obtain a police report if the police is called. ​ If the police are not called, see if the location where the incident occurred created an accident or incident report.  If so, obtain a copy of it.

  • Take photos of the scene of the incident and any obvious injuries.  Take photos of any property damage that resulted from the incident. 

  • Pro Tip: Cell phone pictures are free so take lots of them.

  • For car accidents especially: While at the scene of the accident, call the police, take pictures of the scene, including your car and any other involved vehicles.  Make sure to show any broken glass.  Capture the other parties’ driver’s licenses and insurance cards.  If the car is operable, take the car in for an estimate for repair.

  • Consider whether to seek medical treatment or go to the hospital if needed.  Sometimes pain or injuries develop over time and you may need to seek medical treatment again a few days later.

  • Call your own insurance carrier to report the accident. 


**This page is not legal advice.  These tips are presented for informational purposes only.  Contact a lawyer for legal advice.

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