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Defective Products

Each year new products enter the stream of commerce without regard for consumer safety.  Some product makers have one goal in mind: profits.  Consumer safety is another goal that needs to be considered.  We’ve seen consumers seriously injured or even worse from defectively designed or manufactured products.  Products with problems that end up hurting consumers are often times considered “defective products.”  The Simpson Law Firm is ready to protect consumers against defective products.  Steve A. Simpson has taken on corporate negligence related to defective product design and poor manufacturing.  There are laws that protect consumers against harm from defective products; these laws may hold several parties liable for injuries that result from defective products.  We can help you identify your claims under the law.

Keep in mind that a consumer may reasonably expect that a product that he or she purchases will not cause harm, even if the consumer reasonably misuses the product.  Confronting big corporations about defective products requires a vigilant attorney.  Steve A. Simpson can help.  If you’ve been injured or harmed by a defective product or a flaw in the design of a product, please contact us.

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